PoolCandy Illuminated LED Sunning Pool 60 x 15"


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Designed by Millennial and Gen Z sun experts in Miami, Florida, our sunning pool will keep you feeling and looking cool this summer!

Your family can have fun splashing away the summer heat right in the privacy of your backyard with the PoolCandy Illuminated LED Sunning Pool

Relax and soak up some sun with plenty of room to spread out in the 5 foot diameter circular frame that comfortably holds 2 adults.

• Measures 60" x 15" Perfect for two adults or multiple kids.
• Made of durable, non-toxic, premium quality PVC Vinyl.
• Easy setup anywhere!
• Completely waterproof, the lights can be set to glow a solid color blue, purple, red or green, or set up as party mode– continuously changing lights through different colors.

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