Forest Friends Backpack

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? SOFT FOREST FRIENDS FOR KIDS - Our stuffed animal bag comes with a raccoon and fox that squeaks, a chattering squirrel, and a hooting owl. Each one makes unique sounds when you squeeze them. ? BRING YOUR TOYS ANYWHERE - The little plush toys in this animal playset are packed in a lightweight and soft backpack. It's made to perfectly suit 1-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old tykes! ? AN INTERACTIVE PLAY SET - Your young ones can use each animal plushie for pretend play and games, which will help them develop their social skills and knowledge about animals and living things. ? BAG DOUBLES AS A CUTE STORAGE - Keep your home clean. This set's mini backpack keeps all of your kid's mini plush animals in one place after playtime. They peek out adorably when stored. ? ADORABLE GIFT FOR CHILDREN - Nothing makes a child smile more than a new toy. Give toddlers a present that they'll enjoy. This animal plushies and bag set is perfect for birthdays and Christmas.

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