Make It Real DIY Floating Cloud Lantern

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• DIY FLOATING LED CLOUD LIGHT. Kids can decorate their rooms with this dreamy color-changing GoldieBlox cloud light! It’s a fun DIY craft activity that will make any bedroom brighter. • HELPS KIDS LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD AROUND THEM. The DIY Floating LED Cloud Light helps makers learn how a circuit functions, while also providing information on what makes a cloud and how to tell the difference between cirrus, cumulus and stratus clouds. • EVERYTHING INCLUDED. This DIY kit is a perfect way to let your child get creative and build their own Cloud Light. The kit includes a nylon lantern, lights & remote, 100% polyester fiber filling, foam glue and more! • GREAT GIFT IDEA. GoldieBlox’s kits make great gifts for kids 8+. The projects encourage empowerment and creativity to help kids develop skills to succeed as the makers of tomorrow. Made with Nylon,LED Lights Product Dimensions: 16 x 10.9 x 3.5 inches Hand wash craft

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