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This creative addition to the Yo 2 Go line has a built in double wall of freezable honeycomb non toxic gel. This innovative gel freezes in only one hour, resulting in the contents of the Chill Yo 2 Go remaining chilled for hours, even on a hot sunny day!

Fruit, nuts, cereal and other toppings stay fresh, while your yogurt, frozen yogurt and even ice cream will remain chilled for hours!

Make a smoothie, relax; enjoy your creative snack in the Chill Yo 2 Go. It is ready when you are! It is the ultimate addition to your on the go lunch.
Available in a wide variety of trendy colours, this go to product comes with a sturdy melamine spoon and matching silicone grip band.

The Chill Yo 2 Go is the perfect solution to adding a healthy bite to your day. At school, work or play it is a must for all ages!

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